It is very important to take care of our clothes, that's why at Maragua we want to give you some tips so that your clothes last for many years. We believe in sustainable and lasting fashion.

All Maragua studio garments are handmade with natural fiber threads, they require special care, but don't worry, it's very easy!

Here is a list of the most important precautions:

- Take special care with jewelry or sharp objects, as they can pierce the garment.

- The most advisable thing is not to wash the garment in the washing machine unless you trust 100% in your delicate program, it is important not to use bleach or whiteners as they could damage the garment.

We recommend you wash it cold, by hand and dry it flat, to prevent the garment from being deformed or altering its size.

- The best storage option is folded in a drawer. We try to avoid hangers on sweaters and cardigans with sharp points as they could deform it.

From Maragua we want to take care of the planet, let's be aware of the environment, let's not wash our clothes excessively when perhaps they don't need it, it is often a waste of water. Sometimes it is enough to ventilate our clothes.